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If Swike doesn’t call herself a Hannah-ger, then she is missing out on a glorious pun opportunity

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i’ve said this before but does anyone else think it’s very strange that my name is sarah and my sisters name is hannah
no? no? okay

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I really don’t know when, why or how it happened but I’m just really glad we fell for the manager.


am i late to this i was on a boat all day yesterday

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Anonymous said: Hey! so im not seeing it on tumblr. but did you notice that the phone Hannah uses in the "How to work from home video" is the same phone swike found at the yard sale and she posted the picture on instagram?


these are the swarto clues that make me die

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Anonymous said: Hey! more soup! On the amazon page for hannah's book they've put up a ton of preview pages and the dedications page is on there. Hannah thanks "my saviours and my champion; my sisters and my soup" (!!) And i don't think this next one is really anything I just thought it was funny, in the fanfic winestream hannah is getting sick and says at 41:04 "I'm gonna drink tea, eat soup and go to bed...I'm gonna eat soup IN bed" no response from Swike there however :P



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letitrollcasserole said: I love that you worked out all those relevant swarto dates! Thank you! I really appreciate all the effort you put in for this blog.

You’re welcome!!!!! I’m just another crazy fan :)

P.S. literally laughed out louD at your URL, instant follow

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Anonymous said: There's so much exciting swarto happening right now, I wanted to know, for you, what piece of swarto evidence makes it seem the most believable? I'd be interested to see what others think. For me it's the fact that they're often together but don't acknowledge it, whereas when she's with friends hannah generally mentions it/takes pictures etc.

Probably the fact that there are unlimited clues that they’re living together, it drives me CRAZZZYYYY. All the creepy ninja investigating shit us tumblr people can find through both Hannah and Sarah’s instagrams :’D

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I think about this moment far too often

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LOOK AT THE PLACING OF HANNAH’s ARM. They seem pretty close….

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Anonymous said: Let's say Swarto is real (which it is). How long do you thing they've been dating? Because the Olga Kay vid is pretty old.

WELL. Olga Kay video, 13 months ago (x)

Hannahs first Swike instagram, 16 months ago (x)

ANOTHER Olga video featuring Swike, 17 months ago (x)

Hannah jokes about having a date in this well known video,18 months ago

Swikes first Hannah instagram, 18 months old (x)

Unless this hat is Hannah’s? Doesn’t really match your wardrobe Sarah…. 23 months ago (x)

SOOOOO… could be two years/almost two years now! IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY DATING BECAUSE THIS IS "STRICTLY A SHIP" wink wink

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Anonymous said: Do you have a link to that Ogla Kay video that the anon was referring to?


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I spy swike

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