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Just Elsa Sarah casually celebrating her client, girl friend’s sibling’s birthday at Disney.

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remember that one time on sarahs instagram photo of her leaving sf to la she wished hannah good luck on her tour and hannah commented “see you soup”



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Anonymous said: How do you pronounce Sarah's last name ?

It’s either like *why-chul* or *why-call*… (i think it’s the first one)

but don’t count on me I’m clueless HAHAH HAH AHA  ha *cries*

EDIT: there’s a possibility it’s the second one, clearly i’m very helpful
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Hannah’s schedule for the summer was not going to get finished at this meeting. Because from the moment Hannah yelled “just come in!”, and Sarah walked through her door, Hannah could see that her manager’s mind was concerned with something else. Which meant that Hannah’s mind was concerned with…

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Anonymous said: How tall is swike?

i THINK around 5’10, because she’s around graces height

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Hannah,Swike, and Connor spendin time together. :D

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This is it and I’m crying.

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Why is no one talking about this?

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"In order to be irreplaceable; one must always be different" -Coco Chanel.

(Huge thanks to youtubers-andthings for the gifs!)

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Swike throwing down her signature catchphrase

i can’t stop laughing. 

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Anonymous said: I thought Sarah was straight?

The only info that we have that pretty much proves that she is gay is that she went to A-Camp which is exclusivly for gay people

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Anonymous said: Do you believe that swarto is canon? If so, why? :)

I do! Just because it seems to be the most realistic. There are just too many clues/signs that make me fangirl, but i know that until they actually come out and say they’re dating we don’t actually know.

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Anonymous said: Why do you think grester shippers get a bad name and get hate? I don't understand, I ship like all the ships (mace, hartbig, grester, Swarto) but none of them seem to get as much hate as grester does.


I’ve answered this before, but I don’t mind answering it again, because it is important.

Here on tumblr, you find yourself surrounded by the LGBT community. And that, in no way, is a bad thing, but this is where the hatred for Grester comes in. The thing is, Grace is a heterosexual woman. Simple as that. And Chester, is a heterosexual man. Now, how dare your poor little Gracie, who is obviously in love with her dear friend Hannah, fall for a white, heterosexual cis male. Tumblr can’t stand straight white men! We can’t let our little Gracie fall into his trap! Heterosexuality is disgusting!! How dare he have a penis and not want to shove it up someone else’s ass!! How dare Grace be able to procreate with the person she loves!! Blasphemy!!!!

This fandom is full of lesbians, and as one myself, I can see where some of you come from (sometimes). It’s real fun to to ship the two women you look up to! But wake the fuck up!!! Grace is not gay. If there is any sliver of you that believes she loves to eat pussy, you’re delusional!! And how dare Hannah, a cute lesbian, be friends with a straight woman!! They must be fucking!!! Gay girls and straight girls can’t be friends without fucking!!!!! 

Get your fist out of your ass and wake the fuck up. Heterosexuality is not, in any way, a bad thing!!!! If you’re gonna preach equality, you better be preaching equality

Eat a fucking dick if you disagree.

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